The Hope Center

Careers at The Hope Center

We hire from coast to coast! Want to work for a nationally recognized authority on college student basic needs from the comfort of your home? We’ve got you covered. To attract the top talent in the United States and to reduce costs for our employees, The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice has embraced remote employment for over 45% of our staff. Interested in joining our growing team? See our available opportunities below.

The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice is invested in a mission to recognize #RealCollege students as humans first. Working toward this mission, The Hope Center places great value in supporting the wellbeing of our team members. We are open to remote work and flexible hours as an adjustment to evolving work styles. Our goal is to provide:

  • A more sustainable work-life balance.
  • Reduction in hours lost commuting to and from the office.
  • Savings on childcare for working households.
  • Reducing the need to take leave when unable to be in the office.
  • The ability to plan conveniently with more control over your schedule.

Team members who report to our office within the Lewis Katz School of Medicine will find a welcoming and family-friendly environment, which includes a comfortable wellness room, expansive kitchen, and smaller breakrooms. Our wellness support includes six weeks of paid vacation and other health services and programs offered through Temple University.

Finally, we know the cost of education makes successful college completion a challenge for many people. Through Temple University, our team members and their families qualify for tuition benefits to aid in closing the funding gap to make attaining a college degree more affordable.