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Midwestern community colleges work to lure, and keep, students struggling with poverty

Two slices of pizza for breakfast. Two slices of pizza for lunch. Two slices of pizza for dinner.

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Working Together to Fight Food Insecurity on Campus

Feed Every Devil illustrates spirit of collaboration and creativity among students and staff.

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GVL Tech Corner: How Greenville Tech is helping tackle student food insecurity

Research from the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice indicates that in 2020, 39% of students at two-year institutions…

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ASU Receives Part of $3 Million Propel Grant to Address Food Insecurity

Alabama State University’s Dr. Michelle Samuel-Foo, director of Specialty Crop Research and an assistant professor of biology, has received a one-year grant to help address student food insecurity.

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Still struggling financially? Here’s what pandemic aid remains available to families

Even as the coronavirus continues to upend American life, most pandemic-era relief measures have dried up by now.

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Pandemic Cuts: Deepening the Higher Ed Divide

American mythology promises upward mobility, and college can provide an important first step up the class ladder.

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Hunger on campus isn’t a joke about ramen: How unmet needs keep Minnesota students from enrolling in community college.

Community colleges provide the most popular higher-ed pathway for Minnesota’s students of color. But many immigrant students don’t qualify for…

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Chaffey College awards $18 million in federal funds to students in need

Chaffey College is awarding $18 million in federal funds to students in need.

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A surprising reason preventing some students from finishing college: Lack of transportation

When 18-year-old Ernesto Rubio graduated from high school in June, he knew what he wanted to do next: take…

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