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The invisible lives of Black student fathers

Black fathers in college are not the first image most people have when it comes to being a student-parent.

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Baby Formula Shortage Puts More Stress on Student Parents

The nation’s baby formula shortage has left families desperate for ways to feed their children, and student parents are no exception.

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Harder than it sounds: Income-targeted student loan forgiveness invites a ‘train wreck’

Education Department officials have warned the White House they lack income data for many student loan borrowers.

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How This College Gave Emergency Aid to Dual Enrolled Students

Through a first-of-its-kind program, Compton College, a community college in California, worked to fill a basic needs support gap for its dual-enrolled students.

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Rates on Treasury notes just went up. So will the cost of federal student loans.

Federal student loans will be getting more expensive as interest rates rise.

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Penn State shares results of Food and Housing Needs Survey

University continues effort to provide resources for students in need, plans for follow-up survey.

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Housing shortage, soaring rents squeeze US college students

UC Berkeley sophomore Terrell Thompson slept in his car for nearly two weeks at the start of the school year…

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College Students in US Struggling to Find Affordable Housing as Prices Rise

Despite universities and colleges across the United States returning to normality and opening campuses, students are struggling to find affordable…

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Helios Education Foundation and UCF Invest $3.25 Million in New Downtown Scholars Initiative

Launching this summer to create new pathways to success at UCF, the program will benefit qualified students at target schools…

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