Access to reliable and affordable transportation is a key issue for #RealCollege students. Access to affordable transportation to get to and from their classes, their jobs, and their homes is a vital component of student success. Students are limited to where they can live and what they can afford because of this challenge.

The Hope Center is proud to announce our partnership with both The Kresge Foundation and DVP-Praxis in studying free- or reduced-price public transit passes in three diverse cities – Amarillo, Los Angeles, and New York City – to understand their impact on intermediate and long-term student outcomes, including semester-to-semester retention, credits attempted and earned, and degree completion. It is our hope that looking at both large cities and rural areas, we can determine how to most effectively support students with affordable transportation.

For additional information, please read the project brief to see the methods and measurement of the project.

This is not the first time we have investigated the impact of affordable transportation on students. CUNY ASAP has historically provided Metrocards for CUNY students. While it has been suspected that this has had a positive impact, this project will finally investigate and measure outcomes for students.

Another of our partners, Rise, will be helping #RealCollege students share why affordable transportation matters to them.