Our projects are partnerships with colleges and universities, community organizations, and policymakers. They all seek to address challenges of life, logistics, and finances for #RealCollege students.

#RealCollege Survey

The #RealCollege survey is the nation’s largest, longest-running annual assessment of basic needs insecurity among college students. Since 2015, we have offered reports for all participating institutions and systems, and issued a national report. To date, more than 400 colleges and universities have participated, and more than 330,000 students have responded to share their realities.

Projects from The Hope Center

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Redefining College Affordability
For almost fifty years, the federal government has tried to make the American Dream universally accessible by using need-based financial
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Pell Grants are America’s Investment in Needy Yet Promising College Students – Why Not Tell Them?
When millions of American soldiers returned home from World War II, a nation grateful for their service greeted them with
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A Federal Agenda for Promoting Student Success and Degree Completion
Nearly every child in America hopes to become a college graduate. Her ambitions are at least partly realistic—rates of high
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