The Hope Center

Eligibility and Pricing

To ensure a high-quality learning experience that allows for meaningful engagement, membership in the inaugural ICBC cohort is limited. The Hope Center will fully subsidize the cost for a small group of institutions based on need and discount the price for the other members.

Only one application per institution may be submitted. Please connect with your colleagues to coordinate the application!

Applications from broad and open-access and Minority-Serving institutions will receive priority. Preference is given to institutions that can demonstrate that they serve large numbers of the following student populations:

  • Pell recipients
  • Minoritized students
  • Undocumented students
  • Rural students
  • Parenting students
  • Students struggling with mental health concerns including addiction
  • Students exiting incarceration
  • Students experiencing housing or food insecurity

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ICBC members must identify 5-7 representatives, which should be a combination of administrators, staff, faculty, and student members. Every team should include:

  • Member of the senior institutional leadership team
  • Director of Institutional Research
  • Faculty member
  • Undergraduate student with lived #RealCollege experience

Institutions are free to select the other 1-3 members of their team and may want to consider including student services providers, graduate students, or other members of the institutional community committed to assessing and addressing student basic needs.

Membership in the ICBC is limited and only those who apply by the May 4 deadline will be considered. The full price per institution for participation in the ICBC for the academic year 2021-22 is $20,000. We are pleased to offer a discount to all institutions, for a final reduced fee of $13,000 per institution.

We also offer participants optional additional technical assistance following the conclusion of the 2021-2022 year to continue their learning. You may lock that in now for a reduced rate of $2,500 per 10 hours of assistance. Please see the application for more information.

The fee must be paid via a partnership agreement* with Temple University. This capacity building effort could potentially be funded using the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

A limited number of institutions will receive a full scholarship based on financial need. On your institution’s application, please indicate whether you wish to apply for a scholarship. Institutions selected for participation will be provided with additional details regarding scholarships and payment processes.

*This partnership agreement is for reference only. Institutions selected for participation will be provided with a partnership agreement in July 2021.