We conduct scientifically rigorous and practice-informed action research that explores poorly understood problems affecting #RealCollege students and examine the efficacy of interventions to support #RealCollege students. With all our publications we seek to inform, educate, stimulate and guide people who want to shift the structural conditions and mindsets holding back #RealCollege students.

Our current focus is on research studies that identify areas for improvement and/or evaluating existing practices aimed at addressing #RealCollege issues such as college affordability, improvements to the current financial aid system, and students’ basic needs. In order to do this, we establish and maintain strategic partnerships that emphasize credible findings and survey methods, pursue action-oriented, stakeholder-engaged research, and advance the field(s) of inquiry. 

The work gathered here encompasses the full range of Hope Center research work. You will find policy briefs, white papers and academic articles. We endeavor to make this a useful and easy to access library so that researchers, practitioners, policy makers and journalists can easily review the latest work we are producing.


Reports of our research published by The Hope Center

Expanding the National School Lunch Program to Higher Education
In the early 20th century, communities and philanthropists came together to provide lunch to hungry school children. Some recognized that
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Too Distressed to Learn?
A new study at 10 community colleges across the nation reveals that half of the more than 4,000 community college
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Is Community College Already Free?
College prices are at the forefront of national concern and proposals to make public higher education free are gathering steam.
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Hungry to Learn: Addressing Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates
According to a new survey of more than 4,000 undergraduates at 10 community colleges across the nation, half of all
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Investing in Student Completion
The rising price of a college education often leaves students strapped for cash and without the financial resources necessary to
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Costs and Productivity in Public Higher Education
In October 2015, The Wisconsin HOPE Lab hosted a two-day convening on the “costs of college,” with the goal of
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Request to Add Measurement of Food Insecurity to the National Postsecondary Aid Study
The Wisconsin HOPE Lab and the American Council on Education Center for Policy Research and Strategy strongly urge the Technical
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Equity and Reasonable Costs in Public Higher Education
Higher education financing is receiving historic levels of attention. Parents and students gather around kitchen tables struggling to put together
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Single Stop USA’s Community College Initiative
Single Stop USA, a national not-for-profit, endeavors to help financially vulnerable families around the nation gain economic security by connecting
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Clearing the Path to a Brighter Future
Over the past 100 years, community colleges have evolved to become the largest sector of higher education, representing over 8
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Redefining College Affordability
For almost fifty years, the federal government has tried to make the American Dream universally accessible by using need-based financial
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Pell Grants are America’s Investment in Needy Yet Promising College Students – Why Not Tell Them?
When millions of American soldiers returned home from World War II, a nation grateful for their service greeted them with
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A Federal Agenda for Promoting Student Success and Degree Completion
Nearly every child in America hopes to become a college graduate. Her ambitions are at least partly realistic—rates of high
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Journal Articles

Academic articles written by or collaborated on with staff and affiliates at The Hope Center

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Books authored by staff at The Hope Center

Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream.
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. 2016
Goldrick-Rab, S.

 Reinventing Student Aid for the 21st Century.
Harvard Education Press, Cambridge, MA. 2014
Kelly, A. & Goldrick-Rab, S. (Editors).

Book Chapters

Chapters and sections we’ve written or collaborated on

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