We know that a lot of you are out there doing #RealCollege work without much support and that this work is hard, so we want to help support you. Being an action research center means that we try to go beyond discovering problems and suggesting policy ideas. We always want our work at The Hope Center to go beyond research and into practical help and solutions for the staff and faculty who work tirelessly to support #RealCollege students every day. We do our very best to come up with practical solutions to help with the challenges we face in the system as it is, while we do everything we can to fix it for the future.

On this page you will find guides, tools and suggestions ranging from how to get started doing #RealCollege work at your institution; how to go about assessing basic needs insecurity of your students, and ways to support benefits access for students. These include things from the very simple; with our guide to using a syllabus statement to help spread awareness about basic needs supports; to how to run emergency aid programs, provide benefits access help; even how to start assessing food and housing insecurity on your campus.

Beyond the Food Pantry Series

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Other Guides and Tools

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Additional Resources

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The Hope Center is proud to be leading the way for the #RealCollege movement. This selection of our commentary pieces featured in major publications showcases our commitment to helping real college students and to continue our action oriented approach until all students can complete a college degree.

Teaching the Students We Have, Not the Students We Wish We Had
Appears in: Chronicle of Higher Education Sara Goldrick-Rab and Jesse Stommel December 10, 2018 “College has become the place America
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Why Did It Take a Celebrity Scandal to Talk Absurd College Costs
Appears in: The Philadelphia Inquirer Sara Goldrick-Rab and Abigail Seldin, for the Inquirer March 14, 2019 “The new admissions scandal
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