Robin-Renee Little Falcon daSilva Allbritton

Robin-Renee Allbritton is a graduate student researcher at The Center for Urban Education and an Equity and Justice Fellow in the Urban Education Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education.  Her work examines success mechanisms for first-generation, African American, and Latinx college students with a specific area of interest in Black male resistance and resilience within higher education institutions.

She was previously a graduate student at Temple University where she began her social justice studies and focused on academic access and equity for racially marginalized students. Albritton evaluated test-optional admissions essays for historically underrepresented students and taught undergraduate courses on historic and contemporary systemic racism.

Albritton was also selected as a Policy Fellow for The Office of the City Council President of Philadelphia and was the lead researcher on the Community Schools Initiative project.  She is originally from Philadelphia and did her undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania.