Meal Vouchers to Address Food Insecurity

Can a campus meal program reduce food insecurity, promote well-being, and improve academic outcomes? Building on the success and lessons learned during a pilot project, Bunker Hill Community College’s meal voucher program proactively identifies first-year students who are at risk of food insecurity and provides them with a meal card that they can use to eat in the campus cafeteria. Over the academic year, the card is worth $700, enabling students to eat in the cafeteria as often as three to four times a week.

Our mixed-methods longitudinal evaluation, led by Dr. Katharine Broton, includes an implementation study and employs an experimental design, which will provides an estimate of the causal impact of the on-campus food assistance program on students’ academic success and well-being.

The Kresge Foundation and The Boston Foundation are providing support for this project. Look for a new report in March 2020 and subscribe to our newsletter to receive it!