Meal Vouchers to Address Food Insecurity

Can a campus meal program reduce food insecurity, promote well-being, and improve academic outcomes? Building on the success and lessons learned during a pilot project, Bunker Hill Community College’s meal voucher program proactively identifies first-year students who are at risk of food insecurity and provides them with a meal card that they can use to eat in the campus cafeteria. Over the academic year, the card is worth $700, enabling students to eat in the cafeteria as often as three to four times a week.

Our mixed-methods longitudinal evaluation, led by Dr. Katharine Broton, includes an implementation study and employs an experimental design, which will provides an estimate of the causal impact of the on-campus food assistance program on students’ academic success and well-being.

The Kresge Foundation and The Boston Foundation are providing support for this project. Look for a new report in March 2020 and subscribe to our newsletter to receive it!

We are grateful to funding from The Kresge Foundation and The Boston Foundation for making this work possible