COVID-19 is having devastating impacts on #RealCollege students. Please see the resources on Hope’s COVID19 page and donate to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Aid Initiative.

Students are humans first.

The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice is redefining what it means to be a student-ready college, with a national movement centering #RealCollege students’ basic needs.  Food, affordable housing, transportation, childcare, and mental health are central conditions for learning. Without those needs met, far too many students leave college in debt and without degrees.

We are conducting action research and fighting for the resources and supports to help #RealCollege students succeed.

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#RealCollege During the Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic struck American higher education in March 2020. Campuses closed, students lost jobs, and emergency resources fell far short of their needs. This new report examines the impact on the security of students’ basic needs, as well as multiple indicators of their well-being, including employment, academic engagement, and mental health. The data come from an electronic survey completed by 38,602 students attending 54 colleges and universities in 26 states. This includes 39 two-year colleges and 15 four-year colleges and universities. California institutions are not included in this report; this summer we will issue a special analysis of students attending the 114 California Community Colleges.

We fielded the survey during weeks 4-8 of the pandemic (mid-April to mid-May). We assessed food insecurity over the prior 30 days, and housing insecurity and homelessness affecting students at the time the survey was completed.

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