The Hope Center

Build Hope! Donate to support our work!

The Hope Center is pursuing the systems changes required to help all students succeed in college. Rather than helping one student at a time, we support transformative, evidence-driven improvements in practice and policy. Your investments in our work support the following activities:

  1. The #RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council, where undergraduate and graduate students advocate, network, and develop their capacity for systems change.
  2. Multimedia campaigns to educate the public about what college really is today and what support students need to succeed.
  3. The annual #RealCollege convening, where presidents, policymakers, faculty, staff, and students come together to discuss the latest ways to address food and housing insecurity and spread effective practices.
  4. Professional development for our fast-growing team, whose members have lived experiences with the trauma of #RealCollege and collaborate to ensure that our research is guided by real world practices.

Thank you in advance for helping to build Hope with your donation.