The Hope Center

Hope Impact Partnerships: #RealChange for #RealCollege Students

When institutions struggle to address students’ basic needs, there are significant negative consequences on students’ lives and their ability to graduate. Schools have a tremendous opportunity to help yet aligning policies, practices, and systems can be a challenge.

That’s where The Hope Center comes in. We invite you to partner with us!

We are a leading national action research center redefining what it means to be a student-ready college with a movement centering on #RealCollege students’ basic needs. You’re likely here because you—like us—believe that students are humans first. You also know that basic needs security is central to learning and is critical for student success and degree completion. 

Hope Impact Partnerships (HIP) helps institutions drive measurable #RealChange for #RealCollege students. Our work is firmly grounded in rigorous science, thoughtful practice, and social justice. Partner with The Hope Center to effectively assess your students’ basic needs and your campus policies and programs. We help institutions analyze, plan, and take action to improve students’ basic needs security and well-being.

When you join HIP, you are supported by up-to-date research, evidence, data, best practices, experts, and lessons from peer institutions as you work to better serve your students’ basic needs. Ultimately, this partnership helps meet students where they are and advances equity for those students with the highest needs. This partnership also can benefit your institution’s graduation rate, retention rate, and even its bottom line. Join The Hope Center to create #RealChange for #RealCollege students on your campus now.