The Hope Center

Pricing & Service Agreement

The Hope Center approaches HIP as a cost-sharing endeavor by contributing partial funding from the Center’s budget matched with partner fees to cover the full cost of the program. Hope Impact Partnerships’ fee structure is based on the services provided at each level per year:

Level I$14,000/year
Level II$19,000/year
Level III$24,000/year

The Hope Center recognizes the systemic resource inequities for institutions serving a high percentage of #RealCollege students and is offering an equity-based reduced fee of $5000 per level per year for HBCUs, Tribal, and community colleges.

The Hope Center will provide guidance on potential funding sources to colleges and universities on an ongoing basis. Currently, federal funding from HEERF and SSARP is available to eligible institutions through June 2023 and may be applied towards this work to advance data-driven basic needs security support for students.

Service Agreement

Upon acceptance to a Hope Impact Partnership, we will provide a professional service agreement that explicitly details core components for successful implementation and is required to be signed by both parties. 

This professional service agreement will include Temple’s IRB approval for the student survey and requires colleges to use Temple’s IRB approval (colleges may not seek their own IRB approval). It also includes a commitment to adhere to the #RealCollege Survey guidelines in terms of timeline, content of recruitment materials, and student sample to ensure survey results will not be biased or skewed.

A copy of the professional services agreement will be available soon for review.  Institutions accepted to participate in HIP will be given their personalized agreements at the end of May and asked to return a signed agreement by June 30th. Invoices will follow with a 30-day period for payment.