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#RealCollege™ Research Collaborative

Research Collaborative

Over the last six years, The Hope Center constructed an uncommonly rich survey database capturing the lives and experiences of more than a half-million #RealCollege™ students both before and during the pandemic. It is the only database of its kind, with multi-faceted measures of students’ basic needs, employment, living conditions, health, on and off-campus program participation, and a wide array of demographic characteristics. Until now, access to this unique database has been restricted to employees of The Hope Center.

The #RealCollege™ Research Collaborative builds the #RealCollege™ Movement by providing a cohort of new scholars with exclusive access to the #RealCollege™ Database. Members of the Collaborative will have the unique opportunity to examine basic needs insecurity more deeply from the vantage points of their fields and disciplines. As they conduct research, they will receive technical assistance from The Hope Center and learn with other members of the Collaborative. They will receive access to The Hope Center’s dissemination channels to share the findings of their work.

The inaugural cohort is sponsored by the Spencer Foundation, allowing members to join without a fee. The Collaborative begins July 2021 with members expected to participate through December 2021. Opportunities for continued engagement will be provided.

The #RealCollege™ Research Collaborative Application is Now Closed

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