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The #RealCollege movement is committed to being real about the lived experiences in colleges and universities. COVID-19 is changing our lives in so many ways. As a student, a professor, a staff member, or an administrator, what has been your experience during these first days and weeks of starting or returning to college this fall semester?  

The Hope Center for College, Community & Justice at Temple University is proud to partner with Active Minds and The Activist History Review in the #BearingWitness project, to collect and amplify the voices of those in higher education who’ve been impacted by the pandemic. With these stories, we aim to promote meaningful change at colleges and universities nationwide. 

Over the past 6 months, hundreds of students, faculty, and staff at colleges across the country have shared their stories of both hope and struggle as they have worked hard to pursue or provide an education during a pandemic. We thank everyone who participated in this effort and we want to honor those who shared their stories through video. The video will be available soon. We thank you for your courage and support!