Alexis Carrion

Alexis Carrion

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alexis Carrion is a Program Manager at the Hope Center for Community, College, and Justice. Prior to joining the Hope Center, Alexis was the Classroom Scheduling Assistant in the Office of the Registrar at New York University. While at NYU, Alexis was a research assistant at the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education for 3 years. She has worked with Dr. Niobe Way on the Girls Resistance Project and the Racial Socialization Among Mothers of Adolescents project, the New York City Academic and Social Engagement Study (NYCASES) with Dr. Selcuk Sirin, and with Dr. Diane Hughes on the Early Adolescent Cohort (EAC) study.

In addition to working at the Hope Center, Alexis is a second-year doctoral student in the Sociology Department at Temple University. Her research interests include Education, Social Inequality, Families, Criminalization in schools, Racial Socialization, Parental Socialization, and Housing Segregation. Currently, Alexis is working on the “Qualitative Analysis of Parenting Students in College During COVID-19” project where the primary objective of the study is to understand the experiences of parenting students who apply for emergency pandemic relief funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect to find that parenting students face unique challenges as a result of the pandemic, and that there is a population of parenting students that do not receive the emergency relief funds that were set aside for them due to eligibility criteria.

Alexis’ hope: Colleges and universities will better identify and foster parenting student communities and provide them with access to services on campus that will help with higher degree completion rates.