Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel

Pronouns: He/Him

Jesse Stommel is a faculty member in the Writing Program at University of Denver. He is also co-founder of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Hybrid Pedagogy: the journal of critical digital pedagogy. He has a PhD from University of Colorado Boulder. He is co-author of An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy.

Jesse is a documentary filmmaker and teaches courses about pedagogy, film, digital studies, and composition. Jesse experiments relentlessly with learning interfaces, both digital and analog, and his research focuses on higher education pedagogy, critical digital pedagogy, and assessment. He’s got a rascal pup, Emily, a clever cat, Loki, and a badass daughter, Hazel. He’s online at and on Twitter @Jessifer.

Jesse’s hope: That students, educators, institutional leaders, and policy-makers come together for the conversations necessary to create (and maintain) spaces hospitable to the work of teaching and learning, and that students increasingly become the drivers of these conversations.