The Hope Center


Our projects are partnerships with colleges and universities, community organizations, and policymakers. They all seek to address challenges of life, logistics, and finances for #RealCollege™ students.

#RealCollege™ Survey

The #RealCollege™ survey is the nation’s largest, longest-running annual assessment of basic needs insecurity among college students. Since 2015, we have offered reports for all participating institutions and systems, and issued a national report. To date, more than 400 colleges and universities have participated, and more than 330,000 students have responded to share their realities.

Dallas College Text Campaign Launched

The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice and its partners have launched a federally-funded texting messaging study designed to assess whether students achieve greater academic success when provided with information about emergency aid, food and housing support during the pandemic.

Projects from The Hope Center

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