Access to Abortion is a #RealCollege Issue and Higher Education Must Fight Back

Access to Abortion is a #RealCollege Issue and Higher Education Must Fight Back

June 2022

The Court’s outrageous ruling overturning Roe v. Wade is an attack on the fundamental right to health care and human dignity and puts millions of lives at risk. Anyone who can get pregnant must now deal with a horrific reality: half of the country is in the hands of legislators who believe that their autonomy is conditional.

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade is an affront to the basic needs security of students everywhere,” says Dr. Anne E. Lundquist, Interim Director for The Hope Center of College, Community, and Justice.

Reproductive justice is for everyone, not just cis women, and this ruling impacts entire families and communities—especially #RealCollege students. Anti-abortion rulings and laws disproportionately impact historically marginalized and racially minoritized students and further exacerbate the very inequities that The Hope Center was created to combat.

“The ruling to ‘protect life’ does nothing to actually protect the millions of lives being impacted but further marginalizes and inflicts suffering on children, women, LGBTQ communities, and families across the country who are already struggling to make ends meet,” says Ali Caccavella, Senior Strategist on Parenting Students. “Colleges worried about declining enrollment should first prioritize their students as humans first and must stand up for their pregnant and parenting students—nearly a quarter of all college students—by providing for reproductive care and advocating for protections against further assault.”

Denying people abortions perpetuates poverty. It makes them less likely to pursue higher education and makes them more likely to continue a relationship with a violent partner. Banning legal abortion does not eliminate abortion and only serves to increase health risks by forcing people to seek unsafe abortions or to continue unwanted, traumatic, or even dangerous pregnancies.

“Pregnant and parenting students deserve nothing less than emergency financial aid to obtain abortion care when and wherever they may need it, free access to abortion and contraceptives on campus wherever it remains legal, total privacy from their college for all of their medical decisions, leaves of absence on demand, and swift action from the Biden Administration to protect their fundamental rights, including the strongest possible Title IX protections,” says Bryce McKibben, Senior Director of Policy & Advocacy. “Access to abortion is a #RealCollege issue and higher education must fight back.”

At the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, we will continue to fight back. We hope you will join us.