#RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council

ISO: #RealCollege Student Leaders

It’s time to stop being polite and start getting real about how to help students succeed
Join the  #RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council today!

Nominations and applications are due by October 31

The Opportunity

The #RealCollege SLAC gives students making “good trouble” to improve higher education a key to the room where it happens. It also gives colleges and universities neglected by mainstream media a chance for the public to get to know their amazing students!

The Hope Center is the leading national organization putting students’ basic needs front and center on the agenda. We created and lead the #RealCollege movement, driving changes to institutional practices and policy around the nation.

#RealCollege SLAC members will help set our agenda by bringing new issues and interests for discussion with our team. In exchange we will offer you compensation and many opportunities (see The Fine Print below for more information).

How much time?

The minimum monthly time commitment is one 90-minute focus group per month.

How much money?

You will receive a stipend of $1,000 per 6-month term.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students with at least 1-2 terms remaining before graduation, and who will be enrolled in spring 2021,
  • Rebel leaders –explorers who seek out the new, embraces constructive dissent, are openly self-reflective, focused on learning, and are fundamentally engaged
  • Students who’ve lived the often invisible challenges of food or housing insecurity, involvement with the justice system or foster care system, parenting while in college, returning to college at a later age, etc. 

While students at any institution may be nominated or apply, community colleges and comprehensive state universities (non-flagships), where structural inequality means low levels of per-student funding, will be prioritized during the selection process.

How To Apply, Nominate or Donate

All nominations and applications must be received by October 31. Decisions will be made by December 1.
If you have questions please email us at: hopeslac@temple.edu

Colleges and universities may nominate up to two students.

  • We will select up to 15 students nominated by institutions.
  • To nominate a student, the institution must commit to $5,000 in support for each student’s participation over two terms, payable to the Hope Center ($2,000 of that support will go to the student). Since the person submitting the nomination must be authorized to commit the institution to that payment, preference will be given to nominations from a President or Vice-President. Alumni groups and other institutional supporters may join an institution to nominate and support a student.
  • We urge institutions to evidence their commitment to equity and diversity in these nominations and focus on the stated criteria for participation rather than more traditional attributes like grades. Please see the institution application form below for further details.

Students may apply

  • We will select up to 5 students who apply directly.
  • Please see the student application form below for further details

2021 will be #RealCollege SLAC’s pilot year, so it is a unique and exciting time to be involved and shape the program.

Donate to Sponsor a Student

  • Please consider donating to the Hope Center to support this program. Go here to donate.
  • You can sponsor students in general or a specific student’s application. If your donation is for a specific student ensure the student applies, and send us a note at hopeslac@temple.edu with their name – if they are chosen we will connect with you for the donation.

Apply today!

The Fine Print

SLAC members will serve 1 or 2 six-month terms as strategic advisors to the Hope Center.

The Hope Center will:

  1. Provide each SLAC member a $1,000 stipend per 6-month term.
  2. Conduct meaningful focus groups in which the SLAC’s time is spent providing feedback that the Hope Center commits to listening to and engaging with in its work. The groups will be led by directors at the Hope Center, with the topics rotating among the pillars of our work.
  3. Provide media and public speaking training.
  4. Offer opportunities to engage with traditional and social media.
  5. Offer monthly professional development and/or networking opportunities.

During that time as members of SLAC, students will:

  1. Serve as a standing focus group for The Hope Center. This will require one 90-minute meeting per month. SLAC members are expected to attend at least four meetings per 6-month term (members who do not meet this requirement will not be eligible for a second term). Meetings will be scheduled far in advance, be arranged with students’ input, and take place online. Absences for extenuating circumstances will be accommodated.
  2. Participate in media opportunities (traditional and social). The minimum expectation is that SLAC members will agree to support one media opportunity per 6-month term—this may involve speaking with a reporter, writing a blog or op-ed, or sharing their activism on social media.
  3. Participate in networking opportunities and other professional development opportunities to build skills in areas related to the student’s interests (this may include research, practice, policy, and/or advocacy). This may include attending the annual #RealCollege conference, joining a session with Hope Center board members, etc.
  4. Upon program completion, students will be invited to a SLAC alumni group for continued connections.