The Hope Center

#RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council

It’s time to stop being polite, and start getting real about helping students succeed.

The #RealCollege SLAC gives students causing “good trouble” in postsecondary spaces a key to the room where it happens. #RealCollege SLAC members help set The Hope Center’s agenda by bringing new issues and interests for discussion to the table.

The Hope Center is the leading national organization putting students’ basic needs front and center on the agenda. We created and lead the #RealCollege Movement, driving changes to institutional practices and policy around the nation.

Meet the Inaugural #RealCollege SLAC

The interest form for our next cohort is now open!

The Hope Center is pursuing the systems changes required to help all students succeed in college. Please consider donating to the #RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council so that we can continue developing students’ capacity for systems change.